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Best of the Board Cafe, 2nd Edition : Hands-on solutions for nonprofit boards

Best of the Board Cafe, 2nd Edition

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A Bestseller Becomes Even More Pertinent

First published in 2005, this collection of CompassPoint online newsletter articles became instantly popular with busy board members of nonprofits. Now updated with new essays that are ìshort enough to read over a cup of coffee,î readers will find essential insights on board responsibilities, executive directors, fundraising, finance, and more.

New topics include:
  • Eleven ways to get a new executive director off to a good start
  • A board members guide to nonprofit insurance
  • How to take a public stand
  • Working boards versus governing boards
  • The right way to resign from the board
  • The best way to raise money
  • Meaningful board-staff acts of appreciation
  • What boards need to know about copyrights


What others are saying about The Best of the Board Cafe, 2nd Edition...

“Solutions and inspirationóthatís what readers will find in this updated edition of The Best of the Board CafÈ. Busy board members need to optimize their time and efforts, and Jan Masaoka offers many suggestions on just how to accomplish this.”
—Paul Kawata, Executive Director, National Minority AIDS Council, Washington, DC

“These essays are concise and always helpful. Jan Masaoka cuts to the chase and helps board members stay motivated and focused.”
—Paul Shoemaker, Director, Social Venture Partners, Seattle

“Every nonprofit executive and board member deserves to have a great mentor, but, if you donít, The Best of the Board Cafe is the next best thing. Jan Masaoka offers a clear, no nonsense approach to thorny management issues. She helps readers ask the right questions and develop solution-driven plans.”
—Pamela Davis, President and CEO, Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance, Risk Retention Group, and Nonprofitsí Insurance Alliance of California

“The information in this book is brilliant! No board member should be voted onto a board before reading this book. No executive director should start a first day of work before reading the book. This book is like having Jan Masaoka in the room giving you all you need to lead and manage your organization.”
—K ris Sinclair, Executive Director, Association of California Symphony Orchestras, Sacramento

“Whether the reader is new to the world of board membership, or has served on multiple boards, he or she will find helpful tips, solid truths, and new ways of looking at nonprofit issues. This is an invaluable tool.”
—Carrie Avery, President, The Durfee Foundation, Santa Monica

“You canít be involved with a non-profit organization if you donít have this book on your shelf. Period! Youíll refer to this book often, checking out what it has to offer on various issues facing your organizationóitís that relevant.”
—Barry Z. Posner, Dean and Professor of Leadership, Santa Clara University, Co-Author of The Leadership Challenge and A Leaderís Legacy

Table Of Contents: 

1. Introduction